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  • Automatic Top Labeling Machine

    Description:● Applicability is wide and can meet the product width 30 mm ~ 350 mm flat labeling and dry film, replaced by the institutions can meet the uneven surface of the label
    ● Labeling accuracy is high, the subdivision stepper motor or se...

    Model Number:MJ-PMT

  • Semi automatic bottle labeling machine

    Description:1. Wide application, adapt to the dimension of 10-100mm round bottle labeling.
    2. High accuracy, and the error of label joining part is no more than 0.5mm.
    3. Adopt extrusion device to feeding, just need to put work-pieces, the m...

    Model Number:MJ-BYT

  • Automatic Vertical Adhesive Round Bottles Labeling Machine

    Description:● Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, have any label, no standard automatic correction and label automatic detection function, prevent leakage and labels to waste
    ● High stability, Mitsubishi PLC + Delta Tou...

    Model Number:MJ-LT

  • Automatic horizontal type adhesive labeling machine

    Description:● Bottles of bottles broken rate is low, application of flexible points technology and flexible by standard technology, bottle labeling smoothly
    ● Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, have any label, no standard au...

    Model Number:MJ-WT

  • Aerem fixum cylindrum automatic Apparatus Labelling

    Description:● Adopt the import control system, servo or step in and out of the standard system, Japanese omron automatic test label standard stop high-end configuration, to ensure that equipment operation is stable, can according to customer's actua...

    Model Number:John DTJ,

  • Automatic adhesive double side labeling machine

    Description:● Function is powerful, one machine which can realize four products are single-sided and double-sided labeling (round and flat bottles, square bottles, special-shaped bottle)
    ● Adopted the double side rigid plastic synchronous guide...

    Model Number:MJ-SMT

  • High speed multi function labeling machine

    Description:● Labeling good stability and labeling level off, not wrinkle, no bubble, can meet most of the product surface and the big radian on the labeling of the request
    ● Adopt servo motor standard PLC touch screen, standard sensor elect...

    Model Number:MJ-DCT

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