Semi automatic labeling machine

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Semi automatic labeling machine


Semi automatic bottle labeling machine


1. Round bottles, cans, cylinders or tubes.
2. PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles or metal bottles.
It’s widely used in industries, such as cosmetics, beverage, food, medical, etc. And greatly improve the production efficiency

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1. Wide application, adapt to the dimension of 10-100mm round bottle labeling.
2. High accuracy, and the error of label joining part is no more than 0.5mm.
3. Adopt extrusion device to feeding, just need to put work-pieces, the machine can automatically finish labeling.
4. Use chuck type to adjust, different work-piece can cut over easily.
5. Use the synchronous belt, the stability of the mechanism is greatly improved.
6. Desktop design, make the structure simple, figure small and function strong.
7. Anode corundum alloy shelf and the deluxe computer white electricity box make the figure beautiful and generous.
8. Advanced magic eyes, make the sensitivity high for the object and label.




AC110/220V, 50/60HZ

Velocidad de etiquetado

10-30 bottles/min(depend on the work-piece size)

Work-piece Size


Tamaño de la etiqueta


Precisión de etiquetado

± 1mm

Tamaño de bobina

Φ76 mm(Inside), Φ250 mm(Outside)


700 (L) * 350 (W) * 580 (H) mm

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